Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcome to the Junction!!!

Allow me to sincerely welcome you to Straightjacket Junction! Whether you are here out of curiosity, out of boredom, or perhaps just because you hit the wrong button on your keyboard, you are welcome nonetheless. In the days to come I hope this blog will become a place where we can look at the craziness around us and make some sense of it. If nothing else, at least have fun with it. The topics will be highly varied; from politics to religion, music to movies, mainstream news to off the beaten path…nothing is off-limits at the Junction.

Since I see it as my right to spew words into the ether, I certainly encourage you to throw your thoughts right back at me. Just like voting in Chicago, I strongly urge you to comment “early and often.” I only ask that you be respectful. Not so much of me as of others who may be leaving their comments as well. I have no problem with sending your rude comment into the seventh level of hell, to burn eternally along with other likeminded comments and most of the Bee Gees lyrics.

As this blog progresses, and I actually figure out what I’m doing, there will be more features, links, and gadgets, so please check in often. So make yourself comfortable here. Feel free to kick the padded walls. Take a shot of thorazine if necessary. Actual blogging will commence after my next anger management session.

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